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photo by Tiphaine Betscher

photo by Tiphaine Betscher


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Thoughtful. Empathetic. Thought-Provoking. Powerful. Beyoncé. A must-listen. -Listener review on iTunes

This fills me with so much joy for women doing things and starting conversations that I, for one, am craving to hear and join...Thank you Sandra Davidson and Anita for creating this much needed platform for women to discuss life and tell stories. WEAR THE DAMN BIKINI, YA'LL! -Listener on Facebook

Young feminists rock the radio waves! So excited to have been part of your very first listening audience ... I look forward to learning from you and your guests and reflecting on my own life in the process. Tears in my eyes. - Listener on Facebook


Forthright, smart, funny, and always well-timed. she + her = an excellent podcast for women who love supporting other women, and like to talk about it. allies, feminists, and woke men: check it out! - Listener on Facebook

It was so wonderful to be able to sit in the car and hear you two talk and know that there are other people out there thinking about the same things that I am -Listener from San Francisco