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Episode 67: From NC To Netflix: Meet Gender Nonbinary Actor Lachlan Watson

Gender nonbinary teen Lachlan Watson joins us for our season closer to share their journey from small-town acting gigs to landing a major Hollywood role as Susie Putnam in "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina." They share what it’s like to be one of a handful of nonbinary actors and how they approach acting in a show about magic.

Nudity Is No Big Deal

Naomi Prioleau is a self-described "black, vegan nudist." Despite whatever eyebrows it may raise, for her nudism is about liberation, freedom from judgment, and a loving relationship with her body. She joins us to share why everyone should try living in a nudist colony at least once.

America’s Failing Moms, And They’re Pushing Back

How is society failing mothers? Where do men and fathers fit into the picture? And why should we all be angry about it? Journalist Katherine Goldstein joins us to answer these questions and talk about her brand new podcast “The Double Shift,” which aims to challenge how society sees mothers and how mothers see themselves.

Online Dating for Women Seeking Women

Some of the stereotypes about lesbian dating are true according to one of our listeners. Andrea, a 26-year-od from Maryland, was inspired by our latest episode to share her experiences as a woman seeking other women online. In a voice memo she talks about the lesbian equivalent of the fish pic, unwanted threesome overtures, and other lesbian trends on Tinder.

The Online Dating Veteran Returns

We laugh our way through a conversation about the woes and joys of dating online with an experienced swiper and return guest. Laura fills us in on her best stories and top tips, from how to dress for a first date to how meeting people IRL changed her pursuit of romance.

Inside “Survivor” with Dr. Alison

Dr. Alison Raybould competed in “Survivor” to test her grit. She made it through 37 days of competition and joins us to answer all our burning questions, including what living on a deserted island taught her about her resolve, her body, and how women are represented on the TV show.

This is Thirty

Our twenties are now behind us both and there are things we are dead set on leaving back there with them. What does it mean to transition to a new decade and what changes are we passionate about making to mark the occasion? Have we truly faced, integrated and moved beyond the emotional churn, turmoil and personal doubts of our twenties? Are we our own worst enemies? These are the things we discuss in the latest episode of the show. Listen wherever you get your podcasts!

Year In Review

The moms return for our final episode of 2018. We talk about the lessons we learned, the joy we discovered, and what our hopes are for 2019.

Transforming Rage into Love with Artist Monét Noelle Marshall

Performance artist Monét Noelle Marshall isn't afraid to make you uncomfortable. She’s known for dynamic — and sometimes shocking — projects that examine race, gender and sexuality. Monet joins us to talk about being a black culture maker in the South and to preview the final installment of her three-part trilogy "Buy It Call It," which opens in Durham this week. 

The Community Alchemist

Introducing Heather Cook, a Durham-based creative. She talks about staying sane as a freelancer and mama, her philosophy on community activism, the importance of boundaries, and a forthcoming church that will bring together the arts and spirituality under one roof.

Eat the Damn Croissant

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live without body-image issues? Us too. Our friend Laura Pellicer is the only woman we know who doesn’t have body anxiety. In this episode she shares her delightful - and instructive - philosophy and tips for loving and accepting your own body in its many different shapes and sizes.

Young Feminist

Another thing bringing us joy this season? Sharp young feminists who give us hope for the future. Sandra and Anita introduce you to Eden, a 17-year-old who you'll wanna meet.

Seasons of our Lives

We're BACK and boy do we have a lot to talk about. From Kavanaugh to kombucha, we process current events, social media screen time, and the things in life that are bringing us joy.

Disability Is Her Beat

Wendy Lu was born with vocal cord paralysis, and for the first 22 years of her life she always had a caretaker around. In 2015, she moved to New York City alone to pursue her dream of becoming a big-time journalist. Meet Wendy Lu.


The Online Dating Episode

Online dating ain’t for the faint of heart. Three women share their perspective on digital dating in our brand new episode. Swipe right on this one.


We raised your heart rate, and now we're going to lower it. Holistic health practitioner Carlee Lindell shares her tricks for managing anxiety. The key? Mindfulness. 

Anxiety Attack!

Sick and tired of panic, worry, and rumination? This one’s for you. We discuss our own anxiety with therapist Lillian Reuman and then hear from Sandra’s sister Liz, who reflects on a lifetime of dealing with anxiety.


Guilt can impact how you see yourself, how you interact with the world, and what you believe you deserve. We hear from two women, including Anita's sister, who are working through dramatically different types of guilt. 

How To Mom: Part Two

Most Mormon mothers stay at home to raise their children. Our guest, Emily Leslie, always planned to choose that path. But when Emily got pregnant the day before she was supposed to start a PhD program, two different visions for her life collided. She joined us to talk about reconciling faith and work while raising three kids.

How To Mom: Part One

Our friends are starting to have kids, and we’re still struggling to take care of our dogs. How do they make it work? We hear from Auriell, who first became a mother at 17 and now has five children, and Caroline, a first time mom with an infant.

Legally Bound: Part Two

“I realized I didn’t want to be married to a cisgender man, honestly.” In the second part of our divorce series, we talk with Morgen Sedlacek. She married her college sweetheart, but in less than a year things fell apart. She talks about how marriage helped her untangle big questions about her sexuality and identity.

Legally Bound: Part One

“I didn’t want to be the person who called off the wedding.” In a juicy conversation for our two-part season premiere, 33-year-old Erin Terry opens up about her two divorces. She talks sex, religion, and how these experiences shaped her career in comedy.


A Brotherhood, Not A Family

Jackie Bushore served in the military for four years. She joined Sandra and Anita in the fall of 2016 to talk about being in the military during the charged election cycle. In January, she reached back out to them because she had a story that she wanted to tell. Note: this episode does include descriptions of violence against women.


Anna Keneda is a self-described “dog lady.” She takes us inside the world of dog shows and unpacks why the bond between humans and their animals is so strong. 

Are You My Mother? 

A priest, the Miss Mississippi pageant, and an illegal adoption: Caroline Asher shares the epic story of how she found her mother's biological family. 

Behind Her Music: Tift Merritt

The beloved, Grammy nominated singer and writer Tift Merritt steps away from a jam-packed season of touring to take us behind her music. She discusses motherhood, creativity, feminism and the inspiration for her song "My Boat." 

Tift's new album, "Stitch of The World" is available wherever you stream or purchase music. Stay in touch with her at and on Twitter and Instagram @tiftmerritt. Don't miss her essays about life and motherhood from the road via the Oxford American's new series The By and By

I'm Undocumented, and I'm Here to Do My Part

Cris moved to Siler City, North Carolina from Guatemala when she was 6. Today, she is one of millions of DREAMers. She joined us to reflect on her relationship to North Carolina, and how her feelings about the United States have changed since the election.

The Pubic Hair Stylist

Rhonda Coleman is taking waxing to the next level. Her business, Moss Beauty Studio, is a waxing salon, sex toy shop and sexual resource library. She talks with Sandra and Anita about body hair and why she she aims to make women’s beauty and pleasure synonymous.

Bonus Episode: What's Your Money Personality?

The first step to getting your money right is figuring out your money personality. We’re back again with financial planner Pamela Capalad. Find out if you are a Money Monk, an Avoider, a Worrier or an Amasser.

The Budget Guru Gets Your Money Right

Tax day is here, and we’re trying to get our money RIGHT! Pam Capalad, a financial planner and founder of Brunch and Budget, joins us to answer our many, many questions about money.

The Catcall

Harassment is a part of everyday life for women. This week we're examining this from three different perspectives. Meghan Modafferi shares an experimental audio short, MTV editor Julianne Ross tells her story of online harassment, and writer Jamila Reddy breaks down the "catcall."

Yoga In Every Body, A Conversation with Jessamyn Stanley

Last year Sandra and Anita talked self-image, strength and southern feminism with body positivity advocate and yoga teacher Jessamyn Stanley. We revisit that conversation as Jessamyn gets ready to release her first book "Every Body Yoga."

Menstruation...Let's Talk About It

At long last, we present a show all about periods. We discuss our own period stories and the cultural stigma of menstruation with microbiologists Katy Brown and Sarah Rhodes, who walk us through public health implications of period politics.

Where Have The Big Voices Gone? 

We continue Season 2 with opera singer Jemeesa Yarborough, who happens to be Anita’s roommate. She takes us behind the scenes of a rapidly-changing art form and walks us through how opera has changed her relationship with her body. Along the way we also learn that for women, pursuing opera-stardom requires great personal sacrifice.

The Exclusive World of Debutantes 

WE'RE BACK! In the first episode of Season 2, former debutante Anna Shelton-Ormond joins Sandra and Anita to unpack the mysterious, highly-gendered world of debutantes. Anna takes them behind the scenes into a world full of complex social rules and boundaries. Two former debutantes and the MOMS also chime in.

Composer Suad Bushnaq on Faith, Music & Moving to the South

Sandra and Anita share an audio short from an interview with Suad Busnaq, one of the only female Arab composers in the world. She reflects on moving to the South, her music and her faith. Take a listen to Episode 7: Are You There God? to learn more about Suad. 

Behind Her Music: Skylar Gudaz

In an exclusive new series, Durham-based singer-songwriter Skylar Gudasz shares her song Aviary and the story behind it. Check out more of Skylar's beautiful music from Oleander, her much-raved-about album, on iTunes and Spotify, and keep up with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @skylargudasz. 

Ten Things That Got Us Through 2016 (A Holiday Special)

Anita and Sandra each share 10 things that got them through this wretched but memorable year.This is our last show of 2016. Happy Holidays to all! Stay up to date with us by following us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @ sheandherradio! 

Fiddling and Feminism with Mandolin Orange's Emily Frantz

Emily Frantz, the multi-instrumentalist and vocalist of the duo Mandolin Orange, talks with Sandra and Anita about how she went from being a Suzuki-trained violinist to a dynamic fiddler. She takes them behind the scenes of the band, discusses being a woman in the music world, and performs three songs live in studio.

Behind the Scenes of CRIMINAL with Phoebe Judge

Phoebe Judge is the host of the smash-hit true-crime podcast CRIMINAL. She joins Sandra and Anita to talk about her lifelong relationship with radio, the success of CRIMINAL, women in podcasting, and how she's over people commenting on the sound of her voice. 

Sandra and Anita will join CRIMINAL, The Civilist and Scene on Radio for a live podcasting show in Durham on Thursday December 1 from 7pm-9pm. The event is free and you can RSVP at We will see you there!!

Nasty Women Take On The Election

Election Day is upon us, and in this episode four women share their thoughts on what this election season has stirred up in their personal and professional lives. We hear from an Army officer, a high school history teacher, a sociology graduate student and a college access specialist. We'll see you on the other side of Tuesday!

Our First Birthday

Sandra and Anita have officially been hosting and producing She & Her for one year (woohoo!!). In this week’s episode, they take a step back to reflect on their best and worst moments and check back in with their first and most beloved guests, their moms.

The Story of Our Stars with Chani Nicholas

When the inimitable Chani Nicholas started mapping the astrology for 2016, she describes thinking: WTF, this year is like twilight zone material. Chani is a trained astrologer and counselor whose weekly horoscopes look at how our modern-day lives intersect with the greater forces around us. We ask her about her background, process, and what the hell is going on in the stars this year.

The Art of Pizza and Protest

Tina Haver Currin doesn't believe social change happens with just a Facebook filter. She and her husband raise awareness about social issues in North Carolina through protest, community engagement and the arts. The New York Times, Rolling Stone, and people all around the world have taken notice. Tina co-founded Saturday Chores, the Airhorn Orchestra and Come Out & Show Them. The self-described troublemaker joins Sandra and Anita to discuss millennial protesting and the inspirational power of pizza.

Call Us Queer

What does it mean to be queer in 2016? Does identifying as queer mean something different today, than it did in the past? Is it appropriate to ask a queer person what "their sexual preferences REALLY are?" 

It's Pride Week in North Carolina, and in this week's episode Monique Laborde, the show's summer intern, and her friend Kayla Miron talk us about what being queer millennial women means to them. We're proud to say that this episode was written and produced by Monique!

On The Road

Sandra and Anita take you on the road with them as they travel to a wedding in rural, southwest Colorado. They discuss memorable childhood travel memories and share stories of their outdoor adventures, like stepping in cow poop.

Why I Fight

Sandra and Anita talk with badass women martial artists about the many reasons why they fight. Brazilian jiu-jitsu world medalist Chela Tu talks with them about the world of grappling, ground fighting, and headlocking, and how fighting has transformed her relationship with her body. 

Family Secrets

Three years ago Crosby discovered a family secret that turned her world upside down and deeply impacted her finances and relationships with those closest to her. In this week's episode, we talk with her about moving on from the secret that changed her life.

Work Like A Man

Lauren Salter says she would lay down and die if that's what it took to protect the commercial fishing industry in North Carolina. For generations, her family's worked its coast as commercial fishermen, and she's dedicated her life to advocating to keep the trade alive. She joins us to discuss her work, and the challenges she's faced working within an industry dominated by men.

Meet The Intern

Fate and feminist mentorship led Monique Laborde, our summer intern, to the show. This week, she joins She & Her to share part of her journey to feminism and some of favorite She & Her moments.



An Unmothered Daughter

How do you grieve a loss that's been on the horizon for most of your life? Georgia Flaum, whose mother, Lauren, died four years ago this weekend, joins Sandra and Anita to answer this question and more. Check out the episode prequel for a StoryCorps conversation between Georgia and Lauren.

An Unmothered Daughter, The Prequel

Lauren Reece Flaum struggled with breast cancer for 17 years. She died on July 2, 2012, but before she passed, she and her daughter Georgia recorded an end-of-life conversation with StoryCorps. In a prequel to next week’s episode, ‘An UnMothered Daughter,’ Sandra and Anita share an intimate excerpt from their conversation. Next week, Georgia joins Sandra and Anita to reflect on her life since she lost her mother.

Mipso's Libby Rodenbough On Coming Into Her Music

Libby Rodenbough is the fiddler for Mipso, a quartet of 'renegade traditionalists' based in Chapel Hill. She joins Sandra and Anita to perform live, discuss her relationship with music, and share the story behind how she joined the group. 

Hear more about Libby's song "Water Runs Red" featured on the 2017 Mipso album "Coming Down The Mountain in a conversation on the WUNC podcast "Songs We Love." 


Wedding season is upon us, and Sandra and Anita talk the good the bad and the ugly of being a bridesmaid with Anna Feagan, a veteran bridesmaid whose life - and summer wedding schedule -currently resembles the plot of 27 Dresses. 


Thank You, More Please

Mother's Day is just around the corner. Sandra and Anita are joined by feminist scholar Natalie Fixmer-Oraiz and their very own moms to reflect on the joys, struggles and politics of motherhood.

The Radical Act of Self Care

Many women are socialized to put themselves last. But that comes at a social, emotional, and political cost, especially for women of color. Sandra and Anita are joined by two women behind a new documentary exhibit that explores how black women of different ages and walks of life practice and struggle with self care. The exhibit is inspired by poet and scholar Audre Lorde who describes self care as "an act of political warfare." 

To Be Young, Native and White

Meredith McCoy grew up around two portraits of her grandmothers. One depicted a refined, modest southern lady. The other depicted a curvy, native woman dressed in buckskin. She joined us this week to discuss the contradictions of growing up native and white, historic trauma and the problem with Pocahontas.

Baby Got Books

Reading is a political act, and the world of publishing, which determines what gets in front of us to read, is a political field as rife with gender issues as any other industry in this country. A children's librarian, publisher and novelist join Sandra and Anita to share three perspectives on what it all means.

A Case of The Giggles

Sandra & Anita discuss AOL Instant Messenger screen names, broken bones, their teenage "rebellion" and the theracane.

Do You Believe in Magic?

In this week's episode, we are joined by Bakara Wintner, a healer and tarot card reader, to discuss the world of magic. Not the Harry Potter kind...but the kind that exists around us everyday. While some may call it coincidence, Bakara Wintner believes there is a special kind of energy out there that we can tap into and seek guidance from. She reflects on magic and on the special experience one of our listeners had with a clairvoyant over a decade ago.

Learn more about Bakara's work here: Tarot and Shop

When Being Thin Was Being Me

More than 20 million women in the country suffer from an eating disorder at some point in their lifetime. In today's episode, one of Anita's childhood friends joins us to publicly share her struggle with an eating disorder for the first time. She talks about how her struggles with body image and food first began, the challenges of coming to terms with her diagnosis, and the long road to recovery.

Episode Resources:

  1. Why Eating Disorders Should Matter to You 

  2. Nine Truths About Eating Disorders

  3. The Social Stigmas of Bulimia 

  4. Orthorexia

  5. Joy Project 


You're My Galentine

Anita & Sandra celebrate female friendship with the hosts of Call Your Girlfriend, who share the story of their friendship on the show, and with special Galentine's Love Letters from listeners. Prepare to feel warm, fuzzy and like you need to call YOUR girlfriend and tell her you love her. #Lylas.

Return of the Moms

For a podcast exclusive, Anita's and Sandra's moms return to the show for a conversation about the first ten episodes of She & Her.

Women Who LOL

Hilarity ensues when three comics join Anita and Sandra to discuss the art of comedy and how gender shapes their experience in the field. 

Define Slut


Slut is a word with implications. It's a word that cuts, isolates and degrades. It’s a word that minimizes women’s agency. This week Sandra and Anita are joined by three advocates who help them explore the power of the word“slut”—a word that harms individual lives and reveals larger truths about the contradictory and damaging rules our society has for women and sex. Many thanks to Emily Linden of The UnSlut Project, August McLaughlin of Girl Boner, and Rhonda Hartman for joining the show. 

Rock: It's Not a Man's Club Anymore

For much of the 20th century rock music was a men's club. The feminist punk rock movement "Riot Grrl" helped change that and also paved the way for a new generation of rock musicians. Sandra and Anita profile Girls Rock NC, an organization that uses music to encourage young girls and trans and gender non-conforming youth to be creative, confident, and determine their own identity. They're also joined by Sarah Fuller, the lead guitarist and songwriter for the emerging band See Gulls.

Are You There God?

Are millennials the least religious generation? Sandra, Anita and women of four different faiths reflect on the transformative power of spirituality and religion.

Hey Twin, We Got This

It's not easy for artists who bend and blend genre to find a home. Musician and poet shirlette ammons knows that struggle first hand and has joined forces with her twin sister, Shorlette Ammons to do something about it. Shorlette is a former librarian and food justice advocate, and the two are now blending their diverse talents in SugarQube Records, a Durham, NC-based independent record label founded earlier this year. SugarQube supports artists often underrepresented by both major and independent labels. The sisters joined us live in the studio to talk about the label, sisterhood, the intersection of performance and activism, and shirlette’s upcoming album Language Barriers, which will be co-released by SugarQube and Churchkey Records in February.

We're Going Home

For the last six years of our friendship, we always seem to head in different directions for holiday homecomings. Every year, loss, significant others and big moves shape what and where we call home. In this episode, we talk about how our relationship to home has changed over time, and four women from around the world reflect on what they call home and why that matters.


Get Me Bodied


Jessamyn Stanley --writer, yoga instructor and "fat femme"-- joined us this week. She asks, "What is beauty without the story behind it? What is truth without the journey?" Together we unpack that and more--the body positive movement, fat shaming, self-empowerment, self-image, Beyonce, Serena Williams, Nicki Minaj, Instagram and feminism in 2015. Jessamyn encourages us and her tens of thousands of social media followers to not engage with the haters, confront our own insecurities and love our bodies completely.

Love Thy Spouse, But What About Their Name?

In the U.S., most women still adopt their husband's surname as their own after getting married. In this episode, scholars Laurie Scheuble and David Johnson, a husband and wife team who have studied this phenomena for 25 years, reflect on the persistence of naming trends and attitudes. Blogger Rob Bensinger shares an alternative, millennial approach to marital naming. Caroline Phillips, who's on the fence about whether to adopt her fiancee's last name, opens up about her uncertainty, and three millennial women from across the country--two who adopted their husband's last name and one who didn't--share why they made the choices they did. 

Hideous Dragon Beasts And Other Phenomenon

Women are socialized to communicate differently than men. In this episode, Sandra and Anita explore how gender impacts communication and why that matters. You'll meet Alexandra Petri, a journalist from the Washington Post who recently published Famous quotes, the way a woman would have to say them during a meetinga satirical op-ed about gendered communication that went viral; Julia Wood, a leading communication scholar who has spent her career studying how gender impacts communication, and Hannah Friedman, a second-year law student who reflects on gender communication dynamics she sees playing out in the classroom and on the job hunt. 

Wear The Damn Bikini

Meet Anita Rao and Sandra Davidson, the hosts of She + Her, a show about millennial women hosted by two millennial women. You'll also get a special guest appearance by the two women who made them who they are today, their moms.